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Animal Health Certificates (AHC)

An Animal Health Certificate is a document that is required if you wish to take your dog, cat or ferret to a country within the EU or Northern Ireland. The Animal Health Certificate must be completed and certified by an Official Veterinarian that has been approved by the APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency), within 10 days of travel.

Step 1. Microchip

Dogs and cats must be microchipped.

Step 2. Rabies Vaccination

Dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies (please note that all pets must be at least 12 weeks old before they can be vaccinated).

Step 3. AHC Completion

Clients must arrange to visit us to obtain an Animal Health Certificate for their pet, no more than 10 days before travel to the EU or Northern Ireland.

4. Bon Voyage!

The AHC is valid for onward travel within the EU or Northern Ireland for 4 months after the date of issue and re-entry to the UK for 4 months after the date of issue.

AHC Example Cerificate

Requirements for travel to the EU and Northern Ireland
  • Microchip with up-to-date details.
  • Valid rabies vaccination – these can be given from 12 weeks of age and must be given more than 21 days BEFORE completing the AHC.
  • Boosters are given every 3 years if given in the UK (EU vaccines may differ).
  • An AHC must be completed by an Official Veterinarian (a UK vet with a special qualification, not all vets have this) within 10 days of your outward journey to the EU.
  • Dogs travelling to Finland, Malta and Northern Ireland must receive tapeworm treatment at the time of completing the AHC. This must be done not more than 120 hours, and not less than 24 hours before travel.
  • Before re-entering the UK dogs must receive tapeworm treatment by a local vet. This must be done not more than 120 hours, and not less than 24 hours before they return to the UK.
  • Up to 5 animals can be included on one certificate. If you are travelling with more animals than this then a different export certificate is required. If they are of different species then a certificate per species is required E.g. A dog certificate and a cat certificate.
  • AHCs are only appropriate if the owner is transporting the animals, or if the owner is travelling within 5 days of the animal.
  • AHCs provide 4 months of onward travel within the EU and subsequent return to the UK within this time.
  • Please complete the following questionnaire in BlOCK CAPITAL letters or TYPE and email to at least 5 days before your AHC appointment.
  • Animal Health Certificates are available to collect from 9 .30 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and 9.30 am to 12 pm on Saturdays.
  • You must complete ALL fields, including your pet’s microchip number or your request will be rejected.
  • Incorrectly completed forms may result in your pet being refused travel.
  • Please state your preferred collection date.
  • Vaccine card/old pet passport that contains the rabies vaccine history. If you have neither of these then please ask our reception team to check if we have evidence of this on your clinical history.
  • The pets who are travelling.
  • The owner who is travelling with the pets – you will be required to sign an owner declaration.

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