My Name Is Saud Ahmed And I am 16 years old. My passion for animals came forth at the age of 6. I would take any opportunity possible to spend time with animals. Since the age of 10, I knew becoming a veterinarian was exactly what I wanted to be. Having completed my GCSEs at the age of 16 I have begun my studies on Animal Biology and Behaviour. Having just begun my journey I have recently joined the amazing team at Petwell House Vets to help develop that crucial skill set and experience that will assist me as I progress in my studies. I’ve owned many animals since then ranging from cats, dogs, and even exotics. I love all animals and always will but the Avian species will always hold a special place in my heart. I Have rescued several animals such as cats and birds in which I took to rehabilitate and care for until they were healthy and ready to live their independent lives. I currently own 4 Bearded Dragons, Spike, Torno, Specks and Typhon, 4 Cockatiels, Coco, Angel, Smokey, and Pheonix, AGreen Cheek Conure, Rocky, and a Blue & Gold Macaw, Blu.